Oct 09

Expert help is essential when considering registering a design application with IP Australia.

Getting your design registered might seem like a simple thing to do: just go on IP Australia’s website and start a new application!  It looks quick, easy and a great way to save on legal costs.
Unfortunately, we have seen many wonderful designers either have to spend a lot of money trying to apply a “Band-Aid” to fix a self-filed application that has gone wrong, or completely losing their IP rights because they didn’t get proper advice from an IP professional at the outset.

Ben Parry, an IP lawyer at S&A Law, explains:

“It can seem like a simple process, and IP Australia makes it look easy, even encouraging you to self-file.  However, a prudent first step is to get advice.  Even the quality or format of images filed could make the difference between a design right of utility or one that does not provide commercially meaningful rights.” 

Failing to properly apply for registration of your design from the outset could very well result in not obtaining usefully enforceable rights. This could have significant, long-term commercial ramifications to your business.  The team at S&A Law assists its clients to take a sound approach to their intellectual property portfolio – a very important business asset.  If you’re thinking of registering your design, or already have one registered, we invite you to call or email one of S&A Law’s IP experts.  Let us show you how S&A Law can add value to your business.