May 15

LawHack 2021: Disability Justice

S&A Law, Dr. Rob Silberstein is a participant at the unique event LawHack 2021: Disability Justice.

LawHack 2021: Disability Justice brings together bright minds, passionate hearts, and brilliant professionals for one purpose: to tackle the injustices facing Australians living with disabilities with ground-breaking legal solutions.

The one-day event held in Sydney will comprise of workshops, plenary sessions, mentor meetings and artistic contributions.  Throughout the day, participants will be presented with a problem and must be able to develop a legal strategy, including the outline of pleadings to initiate court proceedings as well as identifying the most appropriate plaintiff to substantiate the claims.

LawHack 2021: Disability Justice is run by the National Justice Project which Dr. Rob Silberstein is an Advisory Board member (NJP).

For more information on the LawHack 2021: Disability Justice event click here.