Sep 09

Seeking your input for us to be better

S&A Law’s passion is helping business owners grow their ventures and reach their commercials goals.  For some of our clients it is a matter of  helping them to harness the power of their intellectual property, for others it is assisting them to negotiate a commercial deal.

Our practice is diverse and spans the full corporate spectrum of service offerings.   We are blessed to have a great work culture and wonderful clients.  We continue to be recognised as one of the leading boutique legal firms in Australia.   But how do we maximise our potential and optimise our service offerings to the business community?

We are asking for feedback to help us make S&A Law the dream firm you want to have on your team.  We want to hear about your law firm experiences?

Here are just a few ideas to kick-start the conversation:

  • Ask for feedback and act on it
  • Be responsive
  • Invest in our clients and get to know their businesses inside and out
  • Work on building relationships that are helpful and commercially meaningful
  • Be transparent with our bills
  • Don’t worry about being expensive, worry about the work quality and ensuring the work billed is justified
  • Communicate strategically and thoughtfully
  • Be a positive addition to our client’s business.

Join the conversation and help us change the way we practice law for the better.