May 13

S&A Law supports Cure My Brain

Cure-my-brain 2

The S&A Law team is excited to be supporting Cure my Brain and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at the Grey Matters gala in May. All funds from this event will go to support Cure my Brain’s new recipient Caleb Scott and the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Neurosurgical Unit.

You too can support Cure my Brain by purchasing tickets to the gala on May 20. For more information on the event and to purchase tickets to the event click on the link below.


“Cure My Brain” was formed with the individual in mind. Because brain cancer is extremely aggressive and currently has a short survival prognosis, we decided the best way we can help is to focus on financially supporting individual families. We fundraise directly for these selected families to help them meet the significant financial burden in their endeavour to ensure that their loved one has every opportunity to try and survive this aggressive disease.

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